One of our flagship series of programmes is SINGLE MOM'S STORY. It is a series which will inspire and educate, and above all aims to empower not only single mothers, but all women throughout the world through empathy and advocacy. It will support, enable, and instill confidence to all single mothers by talking to people who are now in this situation and to those before them, demonstrating that they are not alone nor will they be the last person in the same predicament. Our 3 Experts, a child and family professional, a medical practitioner and a spiritual helper, will give advice and information, reflect positivity, and share their knowledge and experience to everyone watching. But SINGLE MOM'S STORY will not be all 'doom and gloom' - we will also share many entertaining and happy stories that will entertain and inspire, and we will re-visit some of our guests along the way to catch up on their lives and hopefully see how much better things are for them and for their children.